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Víctor Pascual-Cid

Who am I?

I’m a Data Scientist and Information Visualization consultant based in Barcelona.
I hold a PhD in Computer Science and Digital Communication from Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona since 2010. I also got my degree as Computer Engineer in 2004 in the same university.

My passions in life are music and data visualization! In a sense, I believe that both things have a regourous, mathematical background that should be nurtured with creativity, feelings and emotions to convey a message.

I also love traveling! You can check my traveling blog here.

What I really do?

I design interactive visualizations to convert data into value. From interactive visualizations to storytellings, I develop tools and narratives to communicate, analyze and explore any kind of data.

I’m an Tableau expert and also develop visualizations using cutting edge web technologies (specially, D3).

Overall, I enjoy designing interactive tools that supports the generation of insight and the decision making processes.