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VAST Challenge 2012

Posted: 14/03/2012-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Conferences, Visualization-Tags: bigdata, challenge, dataset

(Image extracted from VAST Challenge 2012) Among all the InfoVis contests and challenges existing nowadays, the VAST challenge is the most interesting and relevant to me. Started in 2006 (if I’m not wrong) by Georges Grinstein (whom I had the honor to have in my PhD committee) and Catherine Plaisant, two salient researchers in InfoVis and Visual […]

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The weight of data

Posted: 12/03/2012-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Visualization-Tags: cascade, context, data

If you’re a “member” of the InfoVis community, you will have seen that Jer Thorp‘s Ted Talk at Tedx Vancouver has almost gone viral. Here is this interesting talk where, among other things, Jer talks about the interesting project at the New York Time called Cascade, and the value of putting data into a human […]

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