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Trying out Tableau 10: #makeovermonday from August

Posted: 14/09/2016-Likes: 0-Comments: 0-Categories: Visualization-Tags: makeovermonday, malaria, Tableau
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A bit late, but I finally managed to check out the latest version of Tableau 10. I’ve decided to use the dataset of the deaths by Malaria around the world published within the context of the #makeovermonday week 34.

My approach is pretty similar to the one by Andy Kriebel, with a few subtle differences:

  • Instead of a line chart, I’ve use a barchart to represent the evolution of deaths with time. The reason is that we only have data from a few years, therefore we have discrete data (we could have say it is “continuos data” if we woudl have had data from much more years or data at the level of month). However, due to the limited space, I don’t think that the linechart is a bad solution
  • I’ve added a “Continent filter”, allowing to focus only on data from one continent. I’ve used a dataset that identifies the continent to which each contry belong to. The matching is not perfect, and there are some countries assigned to the “null” continent. I’ll try to fix this
  • The map can be used to filter the information from the barchart, and the same happens the other way around: highlighting a bar, shows the number of deaths per country in the map. Both filters highlight the row/column that they refer to in the heatmap

P.S.: the layout weould have looked nicer with a wider visualization, but I’ve limited the width to 800 which is the maximum size of my text space (I have to change the template…)

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